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Should You Hire a CPA to Prepare Your 2014 Taxes?

Posted by Ann Irons, CPA

Dec 29, 2014 11:12:00 AM

do_it_yourself_tax_return_preparationThere is plenty of debate concerning the pros and cons of doing your taxes by yourself. In some ways, it could help you save the money that you would otherwise pay a professional.

Yet, the truth is that it could prove more costly and time-consuming if you make any mistakes while filing your taxes.

To help you better understand the debate, and get the most out of your tax return, we examine a few of the top reasons to hire a CPA to do your taxes for you. 

Your Taxes Are Not So Simple

For the simplest tax forms (W-2’s), filing may not be too complicated. In essence, you just have to keep track of your income and major expenses throughout the year, and be aware of the correct numbers to input and boxes to check on your W-2 form.

However, even if your taxes seem simple, a professional CPA may help you find a number of deductions that you are not aware of, or avoid mistakes that you did not know were mistakes, to maximize your return. 

Tax Codes Change Constantly

Besides what you might miss, keeping track of the constant changes in tax laws and codes (which can vary every year) can be a full-time job in itself. Unless you are an accountant, keeping up with these changes might not be a priority, whereas a CPA must keep abreast of new developments in tax codes to ensure that her clients receive all that they deserve. 

You Don’t Have the Time

Filing your taxes may not be nearly so simple if you own and operate a business; own more than one property; have several savings and investment accounts; and/or contribute regularly to charitable organizations.

Besides the more complicated nature of your taxes, you may also have a tighter schedule and less time to invest in researching the information needed to file properly. Working with a professional CPA will not only save you time, but also help ensure that your taxes are filed accurately to avoid complications in the future.

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