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Medway MA, CPA

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Full Service Massachusetts CPA Firm

Make more informed business decisions with up-to-date financial reporting
Avoid interest, penalties, and overpayments related to both individual and corporate taxes
Have the peace of mind to stay focused on the things you need to do to grow your business

Corporate Tax
Individual Tax
Tax Representation

Manage your accounting, reporting and tax planning so that you can remain focused on the things that you do well.

In other words, we worry about your accounting and tax concerns, so you can focus on growing your business.

Tax Year 2023 Corporate/Individual Tax Returns

It isn't easy to stay on top of the financial operations of your business. It is even harder to make sure you are compliant with tax laws and regulations so that you don't pay more than your fair share of state and federal taxes.

This is the job of an experienced CPA, and one that we will gladly do on your behalf. 

Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Services for Small Business

As a small business owner, you have little time to manage the needs of your business, never mind the monthly requirement to manage your books. If you have employees, it becomes even tougher, and we haven't started talking about tax planning.

We work with small business owners of all types to make sure your books are in order, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

We do small business accounting and tax services in Medway, MA and the surrounding communities of Milford, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hopedale, Bellingham, Ashland and Framingham.

Yes, I need help keeping my business records current.


Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation for Individuals

The bottom line is that you want to pay your fair share of your state and federal taxes, on a timely basis and not in excess of what you owe. The continuous updates of the tax law make it nearly impossible for anyone but a tax professional to keep up with the latest law changes.

Yes, I only want to pay my fair share of individual taxes.


Providing Accounting Services to
Clients all Over the World

cpa services holliston ma

  • Ann always has the most current tax law, and its benefits in mind for her clients.
  • She is a highly competent, well organized, and responsive tax professional.

Accounting for Law Firms

Tax Year 2023 Have My Law Firm's Tax Return Prepared

Our team, headed by CPA Ann Irons, offers a comprehensive selection of tax preparation and bookkeeping services for attorneys and law firms. You are an attorney who should spend your time providing legal services to your clients. You can let us worry about the accounting needs of your firm.

Yes, our law firm needs help managing our accounting.

1040NR - U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return

If you have worked or invested in the United States and are from a foreign country, your income is subject to US tax law. Proper planning will ensure that you are compliant with the laws and make certain that you don't pay more than your fair share of investment tax. 

Yes, I would like to avoid overpaying my taxes.