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Tax Year 2023 Corporate/Individual Tax Returns

Massachusetts CPA Firm: International Tax

International Tax Accountant

internationaltaxWe provide international tax accounting services for:
  • Foreign Investors with US Holdings
  • International Students

As a citizen of a foreign country with investments and financial assets in the United States, you are required to pay taxes on your income. Even if you are accustomed to U.S. taxation practices, you are likely unaware of the detailed, ever-changing tax laws and codes that apply to you. In addition, the legalese, which defines whether you are a resident alien or non-resident alien, holds great significance regarding tax implications. Allow us to take this worry off of your mind, so you can continue your life abroad while we prepare your taxes here in the States.

As an international student, you have enough to worry about with your studies. We can help ensure that your tax return is prepared in accordance with the US tax laws, and so you only pay what you are required to pay, nothing more.

Paying Your Taxes Is Essential

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with U.S. tax laws and procedures. Or, maybe you have not paid much mind to potential consequences associated with tardiness or failure to file. Whatever the case, filing is extremely important. Filing with correct numbers that honestly reflect your earnings is equally significant. First, we will need to determine whether you are considered a resident or nonresident alien. Consider the following simplified definitions:

  • Resident Alien: During the calendar year, you were granted permanent residency in the United States, and issued a green card.
  • Nonresident Alien: You have not received permanent residency and have not held a green card within the past calendar year.

Take into consideration, however, that with these definitions come a variety of detailed specifics that may push you into one category or the other. For example, even if you seem to qualify as a resident alien, the U.S. government may consider you a nonresident alien if you have been present in the U.S. for fewer than 183 days. Different rates, codes, and laws apply depending on your residency status. Leave these details to us, so your withholdings are accurate. Failing to file or file correctly may result in overwhelming penalties. At Ann Irons, CPA, LLC, we recommend spending the money to get the job done right, to save yourself huge fees down the road. 

Helping You Receive Your Refund

Ann and our team prepare your international taxes with your best interest in mind. We provide accurate reporting, while ensuring you receive every applicable deduction. Just like the differing regulations for withholdings, you may or may not be able to claim standard deductions. Let our team take care of this complex portion of your financial accounting. In the United States, tax codes and laws are ever-changing, and we take it upon ourselves to remain up-to-date.

When you pay in more to the government than they deem necessary, you may qualify for a tax refund. However, an international tax refund is not always as straightforward as a standard tax refund. Because you are either out of the country, or potentially unfamiliar with the methods for receiving your refund, we offer this tax service, so you can retrieve your funds.