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Tax Year 2023 Corporate/Individual Tax Returns

Individual Tax Preparation in Massachusetts

Do you need your current or past individual tax returns prepared?

individualtaxesIt is never too late to prepare your individual tax returns, and plan your taxes for the future. The goal is to ensure you only pay your fare share of state and federal taxes, and avoid incurring heavy interest and penalties as a result of not filing.

The decision to prepare your taxes on your own is certainly admirable, but we don’t suggest it. It is tempting to feel it is in your best interest to save money by doing your own tax preparation or using software that promises to get the job done.

However, you may end up spending more money in the long run by skipping out on professional tax preparation services offered by an experienced CPA.

Whether you work a single full-time job, work several contract positions, or anything in between, we have the expertise to ensure you are receiving every applicable credit and deduction, while paying in to the government exactly what you owe.

Why Do Our Clients Hire Us?

A client who hadn't filed their return for over 4 years was filled with fear. The fear led to procrastination. The procrastination might have led to a bigger problem with the government had the client not hired us.

We were able to not only clean up the problem, but in doing so, we discovered several mistakes that were made over the years that led to combined federal and state tax liability savings of over $25,000.

Generally speaking, we help people who have concerns about:

  • Getting audited
  • Paying too much in taxes to both the state and the federal government
  • Not knowing enough about the recent tax law updates 
  • Getting notices from the government that they don't know how to resolve

Our job is to eliminate your concerns, allowing you to rest easy, knowing that your tax and accounting concerns are addressed. 

Ever-Changing IRS Codes and Laws - How Would You Keep Up?

Taxation codes and laws change all the time. Because CPAs are required to renew their license every two years through 80 hours of class time – which covers taxation and updates to codes and laws – you can rest assured your tax return will be prepared based on the latest tax laws and updates.

Beginning to fill out a tax form may seem easy, but it requires up-to-the-minute knowledge to know exactly how to formulate the final number. 

Deductions, Exemptions, and Penalties - Do You Know Enough to Ensure You Don't Overpay?

Do you qualify for exemptions? Are you aware of every applicable deduction for your individual taxes? Perhaps you have dependents that you claim every year – or maybe you are divorced and are not sure who will claim your children. Then there are student loans and scholarships, social security benefits, charitable contributions, inherited property, and money put into a retirement savings plan. We look at these terms, and individual financial statements, on a daily basis.

Our team will save you time. We will also save you the stress of wondering whether you overpaid or perhaps underpaid, which can bring with it a whole new set of concerns, including penalties and fees. Avoid even thinking about receiving a letter from the IRS, or having second thoughts about whether your refund could have been a bit more substantial, and call on us for your tax preparation services this year.

Tax Planning - Are You Paying too Much or too Little?

Our team will send out an organizer and a letter, giving you advanced notice that tax time is approaching. We ask that you enter your financial information for the year and include any pertinent receipts and statements. Our goal is to complete your taxes and have them filed by tax day, so we do our best to make the process streamlined. We are available for questions and maintain open lines of communication by phone and email. In addition, for an even easier experience with your taxes, consider speaking with us regarding your yearly finances, so we can offer advice on the best way to remain organized throughout the year. If you own a small business, we also provide comprehensive accounting services that can greatly improve your finances.