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Bookkeeping Services - Payroll Processing

There is nothing more important that making sure you are on top of your payroll obligations.

smallbizpayrollWe know from extensive experience in handling small business finances that the last thing you have is a spare moment to stop what you’re doing to complete the administrative tasks that – while important – take you away from growing your business.

While payroll may seem like something you can quickly tackle at the end of the day – or month – you will quickly find it is a complex process requiring more time than you have to offer.

Paying Employees

Whether you have two employees or twenty, the people who work for you expect accurate payment, on time, every time. By handing over the technical duty of payroll services, you can free up hours every week and month. Because this process includes tallying up hours worked, considering withholdings, and ensuring the physical transfer of funds from your account to your employees, the potential for error is great. Allow us to take this stress off of your mind. We will cut the checks or set up direct deposit, and ensure the payments are on time and accurate every time.

Tracking the Numbers

Perhaps you pay all of your employees at the same time, from the same account. Maybe you have some full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors. Complexity is our specialty. We will set up a smooth system for the payroll services process, and will consistently track the numbers so you always know exactly how much money is leaving your hands, and that it is being allocated appropriately. Every time you check your finances, the information will be there in black and white.

Payroll Taxes

One of the most confusing and risky aspects of running your own business is dealing with payroll taxes. You have individual taxes for yourself and your own income, and you must follow the taxes that you are required to take out for your employees. Federal, state, and local withholdings are specific to different states, and tax laws and codes change all the time. In addition, each of your employees may not require the exact same withholdings. We are experts in the area of taxes. Let us take this on so payroll is accurate and tax season is a walk in the park.